You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
- Jack London

Internet Initiatives

Once upon a time . . . . the Internet was used solely for communicating between researchers in educational institutions and the military.  All thatís changed.  Today we are bombarded with (un-requested) e-mail solicitations selling everything from magic elixirs to life altering business opportuntites.

How can we effectivly use this massive communications tools to increase our business without falling prey to the spam filters at every turn?

eBusiness is Different
Create a unique and complimentary eBusiness Plan that targets the broader audience available through a global communications medium.

Define Ways of Incresing Customer Satisfaction
Identify ways you can reach out and touch your customers more effectivly while reducing your cost per contact.

Create a New Paradigm
Re-define the way you do business with electronc commerce, customer service and training.

Increase Your Reach
Design and deploy a global web presence, reaching hundreds of new markets. Then, capture new customers at the click of a mouse!

Find out how NAMCo can help you build your business from your chair!

Our services include:
Strategic ePlanning
Site Design
Web Hosting

FTP/Secure Communications
ENews Letters
Web Presentations


Strategic Marketing

Public Relations Initiatives

Event & Exhibit Planning

Internet Initiatives

Sales & Presentation Tools

Customer Retention Progams

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