By now you’ve got to be wondering who’s crazy enough to label a company ‘not another .(anything) . . . ‘  At this point we’ve heard just about every adverb known to man stuck in just the right spot in our name.

Sure, even we thought of a few ourselves.

You might expect that we have a seriously silly sense of direction.  And that’s true.  But underneath that jovial exterior are years of practical experience.

Now onto the more traditional information:

The principle of NAMCo, Jack Leonard, is a seasoned marketer, who cut his teeth in the high tech electronics market in the 1990’s. Mr. Leonard’s background includes training in communications and theater, along with many years of experience in the entertainment industry. (Marketing really is about attracting attention. What better training ground is there than in entertainment.)

After successfully launching a number of industrial products, and helping build a $2m acquisition into a $14.5m sale, he struck out on his own.

NAMCo was formed to provide marketing consulting services to technology companies.  In a short time, the Company added a full service advertising component to their services. Thus started the beginnings of a true, full service marketing agency.

As the Company grew, so did our staff. Currently we work with a number of contract writers, editors, graphic artists and web designers based on our Clients project requirements.  That’s one of the ways we help hold the line on marketing expenses.  Our dynamic staffing model allows us to stretch your marketing dollars.

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Providing advertising and marketing communications services to the global business community .

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